3 ways criminals are taking advantage of load shedding


Load shedding has become a fact of life for South Africans. Unfortunately, it leaves citizens vulnerable to an increase in criminal activity as thieves use the darkness and limited security response times for their benefit. As businesses, homes and individuals face load shedding disruptions every day, it’s important to be aware of how criminals are exploiting the cover that darkness brings with it; from home burglaries, cable theft and hijacking. In this blog post we’ll explore three key risks posed by criminals when load shedding takes place.

1. Home Burglaries

Load shedding leaves homes vulnerable during the dark hours as not all homes have back-up generators to keep lights on during power outages. As a result of this reduced visibility, these areas become extremely attractive targets for criminals. It is essential that members of our community take proactive steps towards protecting their families and homes by implementing extra security measures such as solar lighting and backup power for alarm systems to protect themselves from potential criminal activity.

2. Cable Theft

With frequent power outages leaving cables exposed and unprotected, cable theft is one of the things causing further outages over and above lloadshedding. These thefts come with severe economic implications – not only through financial losses incurred but also via lost productivity or income due to disruption caused by such occurrences. There is no doubt that prompt action needs to be taken to reduce and prevent these thefts as they cause severe disruption of service, both at an individual consumer level as well as to businesses relying on their power supplies.

3. Hijackings

Load shedding has resulted in many negative consequences, with hijackings becoming one of the major issues that have seen a sharp rise over the last couple of months. Reduced visibility in dark streets has resulted in an increase of incidents involving hijacked vehicles. Criminals have become more bold and daring as they take advantage of security lapses empowered by darkness. As such, it is incumbent upon everyone to be aware of their surroundings at all times and look for any suspicious activity that may be flagged up, thus helping law enforcement remain vigilant in addressing the issue.


It is no secret that load shedding has led to an increase in some of South Africa’s biggest risks – home burglaries, cable theft, and hijackings. With the dark hours of load shedding leaving our streets with limited visibility and access to power lines, these activities are becoming more frequented. As citizens, it is up to us to take measures that ensure our safety by practising crime prevention strategies such as installing security systems or avoiding risky areas during dark hours. By being aware of the dangers that come with load shedding, we can employ measures that will help us stay safe.


Gregory Botha

Claims Manager

Gregory Botha…