Safire Berg 100

This exciting annual family MTB event started off shrouded in typical Midlands mist, which did nothing to dampen the spirits of the hundreds of enthusiastic riders. Katie Fogg, the race organiser with husband Devlin, says, “It was a perfect way to start the day, with the Safire banners flying…The early batch took off with serious energy and the winning men came in within 4 hours and the ladies in just over 4 hours. Congratulations to our top three men and women, and huge thanks to all those who made this ride possible, especially Safire for being our awesome partner for the third year running.”

The top three men were:

  1. Tyron Bird – 3h39min
  2. Tyronne White – 3h40min
  3. David Low – 3h41min

The top three lady riders were:

  1. Ashleigh Moffatt – 4h19min
  2. Carla Van Huyssteen – 4h24min
  3. Eszter Erdelyi – 4h27min

Congratulations to all riders, hope to see you at the Baynesfield Classic on 15 June 2014.