Safire King of the Sea

Crowning the 2019 King of the Sea

The 10th annual Safire King of the Sea fishing challenge took place on 18-19 May on the KZN South Coast, pitting fisherfolk on kayaks, jet skis and ski boats against each other in a gamefish-only competition. This year’s winner is Kaden Leonard with an impressive 14.15 kg couta. Is it a coincidence that on the 10-year anniversary of the event, a 10-year-old landed the trophy fish? This event, held at Pumula Beach Hotel, isn’t just for those trying to land the big one. It’s a family-focused weekend, with great excitement as each catch is brought ashore, set against a backdrop of live music, wine tasting, the renowned Pumula seafood braai, and rugby on the big screen.  Congrats, Kaden, and thanks to all the enthusiastic fisherfolk who supported the event and everyone who worked so hard to make it yet another successful weekend. We look forward to seeing you in 2020! The event’s top winners were:

Title Winner’s name Category Type of catch
King of the Sea Kaden Leonard Ski Boat Couta, 14.15kg
King of the Kayaks Steve Whitaker Kayak Couta, 12.95kg
King of the Jet Skis Sarah Gernetzky Jet Ski Couta, 12.90kg
Top Lady Tamryn Taylor Kayak Yellowfin Tuna, 11.45kg
Top Junior Jenna Smith Skiboat Yellowfin Tuna 4.75kg
Biggest Snoek Steve Woods Kayak Snoek, 8.65kg

2019 Winner, Kaden Leonard with Safire General Manager of Short-term Insurance, Bennie Boshoff and King of the Sea Organisers, Brendan Nolan and Kirk

And here are a few other images from this year’s event to whet your appetite for next year.