The Rise of Solar Panel Theft: A Growing Concern for Short-Term Insurance Companies


Solar panel theft is on the rise, becoming a pressing concern for both short-term insurance companies and consumers. Criminals are capitalising on the popularity of renewable energy, resulting in an alarming increase in stolen solar panels and batteries from private residences and businesses. Despite the lack of clear statistics on the scale of this problem, the upward trend indicates that solar panel theft is likely to worsen.

Challenges for Insurers

The lack of clear statistics presents a formidable challenge for insurers, making it difficult to accurately assess the extent of solar panel theft and devise effective risk management strategies. Thieves easily tamper with identifying serial numbers, hampering recovery and proof of ownership efforts. This concerning scenario is prompting insurers to confront a mounting number of claims related to stolen solar panels, necessitating a comprehensive review of existing coverage and a strategic approach to address this emerging risk.

Implications for Homeowners and Businesses

The ramifications of solar panel theft extend beyond mere financial losses for homeowners and businesses. Disruptions in power supply and potential damage during the theft compound the issue, causing inconvenience and frustration for affected parties. The theft not only compromises the stolen panels but also disrupts the overall energy system, underscoring the critical need to protect solar installations.


Solar panel theft is an increasingly pressing concern that demands attention from short-term insurance companies and consumers alike. As the popularity of renewable energy continues to soar, safeguarding solar panels becomes paramount to ensure a sustainable and secure energy future for homeowners and businesses. Collaboration between stakeholders, coupled with proactive security measures, is crucial in mitigating risks and fortifying protection against solar panel theft. By collectively addressing this issue, stakeholders can forge a path towards a more secure energy landscape, safeguarding the advancements of renewable technology and promoting a brighter future.


Gregory Botha | Claims Manager

Greg Botha has been a Claims Manager at Safire Insurance for 5 years. He has over 8 years of litigation and commercial law experience, making him well-equipped to handle the processing of insurance claims. Greg is passionate about ensuring that the procedure is handled efficiently, accurately, and in a manner that protects the interests of the insured parties while also providing satisfactory customer service.