March – Safire Berg 100

Saturday 18 March saw over 750 cyclists lining up to take part in the annual Safire Berg 100 MTB race, a significant increase from 584 riders last year. First to the finish line in Nottingham Road were: Men: 1st – Travis Walker 3:09:22, 2nd – Andrew Hill 3:09:26; 3rd – Wessel Botha – 3:09:39 Ladies: 1st – Chriestie-Leigh Hearder 3:44:53; 2nd – Bianca Haw 3:53:59; 3rd – Candice Parker-Dennison 3:54:17

Seen here after the event are (left to right): Sean Stanton (Safire Insurance), Wessel Botha, Katie Fogg (organiser), Sophia Fogg, Travis Walker, Pierre Becker (Safire CEO), Andrew Hill