Meet Our Lady BCs

Our nationwide network of Safire-approved Broker Consultants is a vital part of our success. They provide expert guidance and advice about our wide and diverse range of insurance products, liaising with both new and existing customers, ensuring a win-win relationship where all parties benefit. As August is Women’s Month, we have focused on our lady BCs, including Rita Bruwer in Gauteng who is the newest lady broker to join #TeamSafire.

Rita Bruwer

Rita Bruwer | Gauteng

Q. How long have you been in the insurance industry and what have you enjoyed most about it?

A. I have been in the insurance industry since 1992, and the aspect I have always enjoyed the most and still do is the building of relationships. This is one of the main building blocks of the industry and I believe this will never change.

Q. How did you get into the insurance industry?

A. I had a family member in the industry and was always amazed by the stories she told us.

Q. Why is it so important for women to collaborate and work together?

A. “Working together” is my motto.  I believe you are as great as the team you are working with.

Q. What is one piece of advice you would give to ambitious women?

A. Balance is key. If you don’t look after yourself, you will not be able to offer the people around you anything, especially in the hard times.

Q. How do you feel about being part of #Team Safire?

A. I am very excited to be part of such a dynamic team.  My new colleagues never fail to impress me. Every interaction has been such a pleasure as people go the extra mile without any issues. You can teach people new skills but attitude you can’t change. Here at Safire the positive attitudes are contagious.


Sankie Scholtz | Northern Cape

Q. How do you feel about being a part of #TeamSafire (especially looking at the products Safire offers and what makes Safire different)?

A. Safire offers products that are trustworthy, honest and believable. Broker and Client satisfaction is a priority. Policy wordings are adapted regularly to adjust to the changing environment. I believe in myself because I believe in Safire. Updates and training happen regularly. Market research is a top priority for Safire to always stay ahead of the rest.

Q. What makes Safire, its people and its products, different?

A. Safire doesn’t strive for profit only – service delivery is also a priority. The two go hand-in-hand. Safire’s staff members have empathy for one another – we are not only colleagues, we are one big family. While we are a company made up of different cultures, we all strive to uphold the Safire culture. Whilst battling with cancer recently, my Safire colleagues carried me daily with love and support. Special colleagues and friends for life. Help and assistance are always only a phone call away and we can rely on each other.

Safire is simply the best company to work for. You are not only a number. Safire makes sure that you know how important you are. Special days are celebrated and socials are held regularly. In this way, staff members get to know one another and learn to care for each other. Each broker and each client is important to us. We don’t just talk, we do! We walk the talk! I am proud of Safire!

Annie Naicker

Annie Naicker | KwaZulu-Natal

Q. Describe your Safire journey.

A. I have been with Safire for a total of just over 10 years and I have grown into the Safire family and culture and on a career level as well. I joined the company as an Underwriter and I am now a Broker Consultant for the KZN region.

Q. How do you feel about being part of #Team Safire?

A. I am thankful for the opportunities afforded to me by Safire. Safire offers the personal touch when it comes to their employees … the well-being of the staff is always a feature – staff wellness, growth (and awesome uniforms!). #TeamSafire is a unique company, unique brand and an awesome team!!!

Robyn Braithwaite

Robyn Braithwaite | KwaZulu-Natal

Q. How do you feel about being a part of #TeamSafire (especially looking at the products Safire offers and what makes Safire different)?

A. I am very proud to be a member of the Safire team; we have worked hard to develop products and promote our branding in various areas of the country. It gives me such pleasure, when I attend an event and people say that they are insured with Safire and that we are a wonderful company. I am proud when a broker tells me that we are the only company that is visible in the market or that is giving them face to face attention. We can be proud of ourselves for this type of relationship, because it is our service and our committed approach to the clients and brokers that are making us stand out from some of the major players in the market.

Our Stellar Farming product has grown considerably because the target market realises that we have created a solution for them. Our farmers can feel that they are being taken care of by a company that understands their busy and stressful farming activities. Our recently launched Dairy Assets product has taken the market by storm; it is another simple solution that has assisted the dairy farmers by making their lives less complicated.

I am really looking forward to finding new ways of promoting a great brand and company.