Our exciting new offering

We are proud to be launching our Stellar Lifestyle and Stellar Farming products – specialist insurance options for high net worth clients who expect outstanding quality and service. A major advantage of these new Safire Stellar products is the complete convenience that is offered – something that discerning clients will appreciate.

The major points of difference are:

  • The way we handle Unspecified All Risks. This now includes cover for laptops, cell phones and tablets, (amongst other items). Stellar clients may select unspecified All Risks cover up to 20% of their Household contents sum insured of their primary residence. This has a huge convenience factor, as it no longer requires that clients specify every one of their all risks items separately to ensure they are covered.
  • We have increased a number of extension limits to give these clients increased cover.
  • All sedans and LDVs are automatically covered for business use, for increased convenience.


There are certain qualifying criteria for the Stellar products:

1)     Houseowners: Primary residence valued at least R3.5m

2)     Householders: Primary residence – contents of at least R1m

3)     3 year loss ratio < 60%

We are especially delighted to continue to serve the needs of our agricultural sector. As from 1 November 2020, qualifying farmers will have the option of having the Stellar Lifestyle benefits combined with their farming cover under our Stellar Farming product, replacing the standard Domestic cover.

Stellar clients will have the following value added products as standard benefits (as well as the usual Roadside and Home Assist benefits):

Licence protect:

Licence Protect beneficiaries have access to a unique service that is designed to take the hassle out of both car licence renewals and driver’s licence collections. Licence Protect will work with beneficiaries to notify them of licence renewals, and then provide a convenient, quick, easy and painless channel to get the vehicle licences renewed. Enjoy the benefit of the three Rs :

Relief – no queues and limited admin in dealing with the Licence Department or Post Office. Beneficiaries also have the convenience and huge time saving of their licence being delivered directly to them. Driver’s licences may also be collected, although beneficiaries will still need to visit the relevant Road Authority for eye tests etc.

Recoveries – we protect the beneficiary’s pocket by making sure that they never have to pay penalty fees for car licences or additional fees for temporary driver licences.

Representation – our expert team provides full administrative support for all licence renewal issues.

Pothole protect:

Pothole Protect was set up to address the pothole (and road works) problem on South African roads by alleviating the financial burden to drivers. Pothole Protect provides for the 100% repayment of money paid out as a result of pothole damage to tyres or vehicle, should the recovery be successful. These recoveries are made from the relevant Roads Authorities nationwide. Enjoy the benefit of the three Rs:

Relief – no queues or admin nightmares in dealing with Road Authorities and you receive pay-outs in half the time compared to submitting the claim yourself.

Recoveries – receive 100% of all pay-outs from the Road Authorities with no additional costs.

Representation – our expert team provides full legal and administrative support and representation.

Fines protect:

Fines Protect beneficiaries have access to a unique service that is designed to take the hassle out of traffic fines. Fines Protect will notify beneficiaries of any fines, and then provides a quick, easy and painless channel for payment of these fines, with the added benefit of guaranteed fine reductions for beneficiaries. Our solution is simple and very effective:

Relief – no queues or admin nightmares in dealing with Traffic Departments. Beneficiaries have the benefit of a safe, secure fines payment facility, which provides proof of settlement and peace of mind at future road blocks.

Recoveries – 100% of all discounts/recoveries on all fines paid will be passed back to the beneficiary.

Representation – our expert team provides full legal and administrative support and representation on all traffic fines related matters.

MyCyber DNA:

This is the world’s first Personal Cyber Security Score to help keep you safe from fraud and cyber crime. Similar in concept to a credit score, the software checks devices for security vulnerabilities then tells you step by step how to fix them. This software provides another level of protection that antivirus software can’t. MyCyberDNA scans and monitors devices for vulnerabilities, and checks to see if your personal information has been found on the Dark Web. The software also alerts you to any new security issues and the latest scams so you can stay safe online.

Please contact your Safire broker for further information about these exciting new insurance options.

Stellar Lifestyle and Stellar Farming offer outstanding cover in a low-maintenance package – because who needs any more items to add to the ‘to do’ list?