Specialised cover is required by farmers and Safire’s expertise in this area is based on our history as an insurance co-operative. We offer specially structured cover for dairy farmers, as well as cover for plantations,  sugar cane and orchard through our Crop Division.

We offer specially structured cover for:

Agricultural cover

Based on Safire’s extensive knowledge of the farming industry from its co-operative background, our Commercial Policy has been structured to fit the farmer’s specific requirements. We have introduced cover for damage to tractor and combine tyres, liability incurred as a result of contamination of milk, increased limits of indemnity in respect of liability resulting from spread-of-fire claims and other specialist cover for the farmer.

Cover for pedigreed animals/livestock

Livestock (cattle, poultry and sheep) can be covered for Fire and Lightning under the Fire section and Goods In Transit section of the Commercial Policy. The Pedigreed Animal Policy caters for Certified Pedigreed Bulls and Rams only. The cover relates to Transit Cover from auctions to the insured’s farm or from the farm to shows and auctions. The broker arranges cover for an animal bought at an auction (subject to lot number and vet’s certificate). Cover also extends to cater for optional extensions of the basic cover as selected by the insured including various diseases, theft and impotency.

Dairy cover

Safire’s new superior comprehensive Assets All Risks “Full Cream” and “Dairy Lite” policies provide cover for additional perils not covered by a named perils policy which is currently the industry standard. Safire’s “Full Cream” policy automatically offers cover for electronic equipment, accidental damage, money, goods in transit, prevention of access and theft. These extensions will apply inclusively to all assets listed as part of the milk parlour, removing any risk of the farmer or broker failing to identify individual assets exposed to such risks, and specifying them separately at an additional premium. The Assets All Risks policy also offers extended cover for the dairy farmer’s centre pivots including theft of cables.


Additional benefits and optional cover including:

  • Customised policy and upfront underwriting
  • Contamination of own and third party milk
  • Extended theft cover
  • Theft of dairy cows
  • Loss of grazing
  • Pedigree cover
  • Freezing of dairy cows
  • Ownership and self-insurance
  • Cross subsidisation