Our Domestic Signature policy offers houseowners insurance for domestic dwellings and outbuildings; householders insurance for domestic goods,
personal effects, and valuables; specified and unspecified all risks cover, for items usually worn or used outside of the home; motor cover for all
types of private vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trailers and caravans; pleasure crafts and personal liability cover.




Protect your business assets against all types of risk incurred in commercial, manufacturing and retail operations. This multi-peril policy offers cover
for loss of or damage to property, theft, personal accident, public liability, consequential loss of profits.

Safire’s Commercial Policy covers commercial and industrial risks, and is specially designed to suit your requirements. Ensure that all assets relating
to your business are suitably covered against all the risks that you may be exposed to. Our Commercial Policy offers insurance protection under the
following sections of cover:

  • Fire
  • Buildings combined
  • Office contents
  • Business interruption
  • Accounts receivable  
  • Theft
  • Money
  • Glass
  • Fidelity
  • Goods in transit
  • Business all risks
  • Accidental damage
  • Public liability (Claims made basis)
  • Public liability (Occurrence basis)
  • Public liability (Farming only)
  • Employer’s liability
  • Stated benefits
  • Group personal accident
  • Motor
  • Electronic equipment



Specialised cover is required by farmers, and Safire’s expertise in this area is based on our history as an insurance co-operative for timber growers.

We offer specially structured cover for timber, sugar cane, macadamia and dairy farmers.


Forestry insurance is where it all began for Safire, back in 1987, and we have understandably established a reputation as experts in this field. Our
Plantation programme offers one of the highest levels of cover available for damage caused by fire, lightning and explosion to standing timber plantations
and/or harvested plantations while in-field or at depots on the insured’s property. We also offer cover for harvesting costs incurred for timber damaged
whilst in-field or at depot, ie. cover for harvested timber over-and-above the nett standing value. Other extensions include Aerial Bombing cover and Debris
Removal cover for non- salvageable timber that must be cleared before replanting. Our Plantation Policy also offers clients comprehensive Public Liability
cover, including Spread of Fire, Products, Pollution, and Employer’s Liability. Cover can also be extended for landowners who have contractors operating on
their property. Safire became directly involved with sugar cane fire insurance as a result of our responding to the requirements of our farming clients. We
offer basic or extended cover as follows: Mill closure only (covers standard tonnage of cane in field only if a loss occurs whilst mills are closed for the annual
shutdown period) Standard tonnage (covers loss of cane in field at the time of the loss only and no compensation for further loss of profits/growth) Mature
stage extension (covers loss of cane in field at the time of the loss plus compensation for future loss of profits/growth) Such extended cover combined with
further extensions such as aerial bombing, harvesting and transport costs are unique to the Safire offering and allow the client to decide on what level of
cover and self insurance best suits their particular risk profile.

Agricultural cover

Based on Safire’s extensive knowledge of the farming industry from its co-operative background, our Commercial Policy has been structured to fit the
farmer’s specific requirements. We have introduced cover for damage to tractor and combine tyres, liability incurred as a result of contamination of
milk, increased limits of indemnity in respect of liability resulting from spread-of-fire claims and other specialist cover for the farmer.

Cover for pedigreed animals/livestock

Livestock (cattle, poultry and sheep) can be covered for Fire and Lightning under the Fire Section and Goods In Transit Section of the Commercial Policy.
The Pedigreed Animal Policy caters for Certified Pedigreed Bulls and Rams only. The cover relates to Transit Cover from auctions to the insured’s farm or
from the farm to shows and auctions. If the Broker arranges cover for an animal bought at an auction (subject to lot number and vet’s certificate), he may
then be able to insure the balance of the portfolio. As accommodation to an existing portfolio, cover also extends to cater for the following diseases as
selected by the Insured: Red Water Heart Water Gall Sickness Impotency (Accident only or Accident and Illness) Plant Poisoning Theft Riot and Strike.

Dairy cover

Safire’s new superior comprehensive Assets All Risks “Full Cream” and “Dairy Lite” policies provide cover for additional perils not covered by a named perils
policy which is currently the industry standard. Safire’s “Full Cream” policy automatically offers cover for electronic equipment, accidental damage, money,
goods in transit, prevention of access and theft. These extensions will apply inclusively to all assets listed as part of the milk parlour, removing any risk of
the farmer or broker failing to identify individual assets exposed to such risks, and specifying them separately at an additional premium. The Assets All Risks
policy also offers extended cover for the dairy farmer’s centre pivots including theft of cables.

Additional benefits and optional cover:

Customised policy and upfront underwriting: this is a customised policy specifically for the dairy industry, with the use of upfront
underwriting and specialised on-site surveys and expert dairy-specific recommendations for select members, minimising possible disputes in
the event of a claim.

Contamination of own and third party milk: this cover is in respect of own milk contamination and that of a third party for which the farmer
could be legally liable.

Extended theft cover: covers theft from open-sided buildings that do not have lockable doors, windows and gates which would currently be
excluded from the market standard policy.

Theft of dairy cows: cover for theft of dairy cows is available as a unique optional extra.

Loss of grazing: loss of grazing is covered in the event of fire spreading from a third party’s property.

Pedigree cover: available for livestock that is essential to the operation and requires broader insurance cover, such as cover for impotence, plant poisoning, transit, theft and various illnesses.

Freezing of dairy cows: cover for the death of dairy cows through freezing/exposure.

Ownership and self-insurance: the creation of a self-insurance co-operative pool gives ownership and profits back to the insured members.
This mirrors Safire’s self-insurance model which has been so successful in the timber plantation and sugar cane industries.

Cross subsidisation: This is removed by selecting only well managed and consequently low risk dairy farmers as insured members, effectively
reducing premiums and creating profit reserves for these accountable members.

The above will be tailored to the individual needs of the dairy farmer and all cover mentioned will be subject to the decisions taken by the client.

Macadamia cover

Safire Insurance Company Limited has grown from a co-operative formed by farmers over 25 years ago. Today we are proud of our reputation as specialist
agricultural and short-term insurers, experts at understanding the specific needs of South African farmers. Our Macadamia Policy offers flexible cover for
macadamia growers. Insure your orchards as well as covering your crop against hail, fire and wind damage. You can choose to insure input costs alone or
get cover for input costs and loss of income. The choice is yours. We understand farmers’ Macadamia insurance needs.




Through its Shackleton division, Safire has been offering various forms of Guarantees and Combined Professional Indemnity, Fidelity Guarantee and
Misappropriation of Trust Fund policies to law firms, insolvency practitioners, executors and curators since 2006 and is now a leading insurer in this
niche market. Safire has the full support of its reinsurance partners Munich Re and Africa Re, providing catastrophe protection on these product
classes. The products offered are summarised as follows:

Liquidation Bonds

Liquidation Bonds of Security for Liquidators and Trustees are financial guarantees required by the Master of the High Court in order to ‘safe-guard’
the creditors against negligence and/or theft by the liquidators or trustees during the administration of an estate. The Master requires a bond/surety
equal to the value of the assets of the estate and a statutory rate of 0.5% is charged by Safire annually.

Executor Bonds

Executor Bonds of Security are financial guarantees required by the Master of the High Court in order to ‘safe-guard’ the beneficiaries of a deceased
estate against negligence and/or theft by the Executor. When drawing up their will, a person may nominate an executor of their choice to administer
their estate on their death. Unless the nominated executor has been exempt from furnishing security, or is the parent, spouse or child of the deceased,
such executor is required to furnish the Master of the High Court with a Bond of Security equal to the value of the assets of the estate.

Curator Bonds

Curator Bonds of Security are financial guarantees required by the Master of the High Court in order to protect various stakeholders/beneficiaries of
estates under curatorship from theft and/or negligence by the Curator/s. Safire provides Bonds on behalf of curators appointed to administer the estates
of minors or incapacitated persons or curators appointed in terms of “The Prevention Of Organised Crime Act”, where assets potentially acquired through
criminal means are administered by a curator pending a final ruling made by the High Court as to whether or not the assets are to be forfeited to the State.

Combined Professional Indemnity, Fidelity Guarantee and Misappropriation of Trust Funds Insurance Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance

Safire’s PI insurance indemnifies legal and insolvency practitioners against liability that may arise from a negligent act, error, or omission whilst rendering
professional services or advice as per the terms and conditions of the policy. Safire’s PI insurance for legal practitioners provides ‘top up’ cover to bridge
the gap between the automatic PI cover offered by the Attorneys Insurance Indemnity Fund (AIIF) and their potential PI cover requirements. The AIIF fund
provides attorneys operating in South Africa with automatic PI cover of between R1.562-million and R3.125-million depending on the number of
Partners/Directors within their firm. As the amount of this PI is automatically determined as a function of the number of partners in the law firm, it is
seldom sufficient to adequately hedge all risks faced in the legal profession today. Prudent risk management therefore dictates that attorneys should take out
top-up cover for claims in excess of the automatic threshold. PI cover is also provided for insolvency practitioners from the ‘ground up’ if they are not admitted
attorneys as they are not initially indemnified by the AIIF.

    • Fidelity Guarantee (FG) Insurance: In addition to negligence claims, law firms also face the risk of employee theft. Safire’s FG product is designed to protect
      law firms from such loss and covers the insured for loss as a result of theft by their staff members, which ultimately causes loss to the practice. The client has
      the option of asking to be covered in respect of all employees, specific employees, or specific job functions within the firm, and they can exercise this option by
      filling in the correct check box on the proposal forms supplied to them prior to quoting.
    • Misappropriation of Trust Funds: Misappropriation of Trust Funds is another area where a law firm operating in South Africa may have an exposure and run
      the risk of loss. As the name suggests, this cover protects the firm from theft/misappropriation of monies by directors and/or employees of a legal practice,
      from trust accounts. Safire has structured this line of cover as a combined Professional Indemnity, Fidelity Guarantee and Misappropriation of Trust Funds policy.





Alternative Risk Transfer (often referred to as ART) is the use of techniques other than traditional insurance and reinsurance to provide risk-bearing
entities with coverage or protection. Safire has extensive experience, systems and licence to offer many forms of ART structures to our clients, ranging
from contingency policies to “first” and “third” party cell captive insurance. We at Safire understand the complexities of risk and the shortage of efficient
capacity and products from conventional markets to meet the unique requirements of certain niche industries. Cell captive insurance enables a non-
insurance entity to share in the insurance licence of a registered insurer like Safire and on-sell an insurance product to a specified client base without
incurring the prohibitive expenses of establishing and managing a stand- alone insurance company.

First party cell business is a structure whereby the cell owners are also the insured policyholders being provided the cover. This is a very effective self-
insurance mechanism initiated to: Access reinsurance markets directly Insure the uninsurable Benefit from good risk management Get better use of
one’s capital through capital “reactivation” Cover your own risk on a finite basis Third party cell business is a structure allowing a non insurer to legally
on-sell insurance products to a third party. Safire offers a full menu of services relating to this product class including: Product conceptualisation,
structuring and wording Reinsurance and capacity provision Administration (underwriting, financial and claims) Capital and
solvency protection Joint venture partnerships.