Spring cleaning

As we head towards the wet season for the eastern regions of the country, it’s time to take action to try and minimise weather damage that could result from storms and heavy rain:

    • Regularly maintain all buildings, ensuring that they are weather-proof.
    • Check that gutters are clear of leaves and that roof tiles are firmly attached.
    • Ensure that storm-water is channeled away from buildings in the event of a deluge.
    • Install special lightning protection plugs and protection systems to protect electrical equipment, although the best protection is prevention: unplug everything as soon as a storm approaches.
    • Rather be slightly over-insured than underinsured. Very few serious storm claims are settled without there being adjustments for “average”. Insure for replacement including additional costs for fees such as architects, surveyors, demolition, debris removal, etc.
    • In respect of House Contents ensure that the sum insured is based on “New Replacement Value.”