Sunlit Gardens

Safire staff and their families recently assisted Sunlit Gardens, a home for abandoned and abused children in Pietermaritzburg, by getting their hands dirty and helping bring about real changes for these children. They held a litter collection drive in the home grounds with the kids and planted trees and veggie seedlings in tyres. Combining eco-education with practicality, the little ones helped to fill 43 eco-bricks to mark out the new veggie garden (which will be extended once a water tank is installed). Donated books that were collected by Team Safire were sorted into those suitable for the new library and those to be shared with another charity such as SPCA or Hospice. The crew also did some interior decor magic, painting rooms and hanging donated curtains in the playroom. After a delicious lunch, The Lion King movie was flighted to end off a busy and productive day. The Safire crew headed back the following weekend to finish off painting the playroom and hang more curtains. The children are entranced by their new playroom-reading room, with one saying, “Beautiful, oh so beautiful – is it for us and can we play here every day?”. ¬†Work has also commenced on the outdoor play area, with new swings, refitting of nets to the netball hoops, new netball and soccer balls, the soccer pitch being marked out, and the slide on the jungle gym being put back into action. Similar projects are in the pipeline to upgrade the bedrooms with new bases for the beds, curtains and linen, and cupboards. Lots of hard work but what a wonderful way to change small lives in small ways.