Working together

Proactive action by Safire clients in Limpopo recently resulted in a win-win solution for all. Ferris McGaffin of Matume Sawmills and Trevor Phillips of Letaba Fire Protection Association aimed at claiming back the costs of aerial bombing (see picture) effectively used to limit fires started within the neighbouring Wolkberg Nature Reserve in August this year. Following fruitful negotiations with the Limpopo Provincial Government by Letaba FPA and the landowners, the amounts paid by Safire and Matume were fully refunded. Ruth Bezuidenhout, GM of Safire’s Crop Division, says, “Well done to all parties for their untiring efforts in settling this recovery action. It is impressive what can be achieved through working together. We sincerely thank those who initiated the approach to provincial government and the government representatives who quickly sorted out the matter so that this landmark payment was made within three months of the fires taking place.”