From our successful beginning as forestry insurers, Safire has grown its product-base to include a range of short-term insurance options designed to meet all your insurance requirements.


Safire was founded in 1987 by timber-growers who created a unique insurance co-operative to insure their timber. Claims were settled from a central pool of reserves contributed by the members. A re-insurance treaty was simultaneously established with Lloyds of London, to cover the catastrophic portion of the risk.
In 1997, with the advent of the General Short term (GST) programme, the company extended its insurance cover to include non-plantation short-term insurance to co-operative members.
In November 2000, the co-operative was granted an insurance licence by the Financial Services Board, and converted to a public insurance company known as Safire Insurance Company Limited.


Safire maintains the co-operative philosophies of its roots and its clients are still viewed as members of a self-insurance scheme. Through carefully selecting risk-averse clients, we retain a sizeable pool of resources from past profits and low claim levels, resulting in extremely competitive premiums. Safire enjoys the dual support of re-insurance through renowned international underwriters, plus extensive reserves.


The management team at Safire is dynamic, dedicated and focused on the sustainable development and growth of the company through meeting our commitment to our clients. Our flat management structure ensures that everyone is down-to-earth and in touch.


At Safire, we pride ourselves on being different. Our differences set us apart, and our focus on our relationships with our clients, suppliers and staff are embodied in the brightly coloured “five fingers” logo that symbolises a warm handshake, the global expression of trust. Each “finger” stands for a core strength that makes our “handshake” so meaningful.

Fair and fast

Safire will not ignore your query, claim or correspondence. All our dealings with you will always be above-board, ethical, fair and fast.

No call centres

You will always encounter real people. No unknowing, unknown, uncaring call centre personnel.

Access to decision makers

Our senior management team is hands-on, with the power and the skills to make informed decisions.

Proven track record

Safire was established in 1987, and has expanded significantly through delivering excellent service to our clients.

Expert advice

Our personnel are knowledgeable and skilled.


Our Safire branding and advertising campaign is based on the theme of symbiotic relationships, featuring ‘partners’ from the animal kingdom that have mutually beneficial interaction. This win-win partnering is in line with our slogan of “Short-term insurers, long term partners” and our strong commitment to environmental awareness and sensitivity.


Why is Safire different?

Safire’s original co-operative business model presented major opportunities for revolutionising the insurance industry in South Africa at the time. Although Safire is today a public insurance company, it has retained its co-operative philosophy, ensuring that Safire focuses on the needs and demands of its clients, rather than prioritising the needs and demands of shareholders.

Can Safire cover all my insurance requirements?

We continually extend and refine our insurance offering in line with the changing needs of our clients. Safire offers a full package of comprehensive short-term insurance options including specialised insurance cover to niche sectors of the marketplace.

Why Does Safire operate through Brokers only?

Unlike the majority of insurance companies, our business comes only from brokers, who ensure that all upfront queries and transfer of information is managed professionally and on a one-on-one basis with their clients. This means that there is very little chance of post-event disputes over cover provided.  Safire works together with its brokers for the good of our mutual clients – there is no conflict of interest. Our focus is on Safire’s underwriting role – we are not in the mass market, we are in the market where one-on-one relationships matter. We are very selective about which brokers we deal with – we emphasise the need for technical expertise to market our sophisticated products to our niche markets. Brokers assist us in ensuring that all concepts are understood by the client. Brokers are our partners and have a vital role to play in expanding our market.