From our successful beginning as forestry insurers,
Safire has grown its product-base to include a range
of short-term insurance options designed to meet all
your insurance requirements.

About Safire

Includes houseowners insurance for domestic dwellings
and outbuildings; householders insurance for domestic
goods and valuables; specified/unspecified all risks cover
for items worn/used outside the home; personal liability;
cover for private vehicles, motorcycles, pleasurecraft, trailers
and caravans; and liability.


Protect your business assets against all types of risk
incurred in commercial, manufacturing and retail


This policy offers cover for loss of or damage to
property, theft, personal accident, public liability,
and loss of profits.

Specialised cover is required by farmers, and Safire’s
expertise in this area is based on our history as an
insurance co-operative for timber growers.


In addition to general agriculture cover, we offer
specially structured cover for timber, sugar cane,
macadamia and dairy farmers.

Through its Shackleton division, Safire offers various
forms of guarantee and professional indemnity,
fidelity guarantee and misappropriation of trust
fund policies to law firms, insolvency and business
rescue practitioners, executors and curators.


Alternative Risk Transfer or ART is the use of techniques
other than traditional insurance and reinsurance to
provide risk-bearing entities with coverage or protection,
including cell captive insurance.