Safire is proud of its reputation as a provider of niche market insurance products to liquidators, attorneys and other professionals. Safire has been issuing bonds for liquidators in KwaZulu-Natal since 1999. Today, we have representation in all the country’s major commercial centres and annually issue guarantees amounting to billions of rands.

We pride ourselves on our high service levels, and on understanding the unique requirements of our individual clients in this specialised area of insurance. We assist clients with lodging surety bonds throughout the country and obtaining certificates of appointment as a matter of urgency.

We offer various forms of court guarantees, providing surety bonds (suretyships) to liquidators, curators, executors, trustees and tutors:



Every year we issue billions of rands worth of court bonds to liquidators throughout South Africa. Our facilities and liquidation experience in this specialist market are unprecedented and it is for this reason that we hold a significant market share and remain a preferred bond provider to the liquidation industry.



Curator bonds are offered to attorneys, liquidators and accountants, administering the affairs and estates of incapacitated persons and minors, as well as where they have been appointed by the court to control assets seized under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act.



Executor bonds are offered to the attorney and accounting professions, where such incumbents have been appointed to wind up deceased estates. Our capacity within this market allows us to write the large bonds that other providers may have to turn away.



Trustee bonds are offered to trustees appointed to administer a trust, whether it be a testamentary trust, family trust or trust set up to receive a Road Accident Fund award on behalf of an incapacitated person.



Tutor bonds are offered to tutors who have been appointed by the court to take care of a minor and/or to administer the affairs of the minor.