At Safire, we pride ourselves on being different. Our differences set us apart, and our focus on our relationships with our clients, suppliers and staff are embodied in the brightly coloured “five fingers” logo that symbolises a warm handshake, the global expression of trust. Each “finger” stands for a core strength that makes our “handshake” so meaningful.

Fair and fast

Safire will not ignore your query, claim or correspondence. All our dealings with you will always be above-board, ethical, fair and fast.

No call centres

You will always encounter real people, with real job titles and real accountability. Not unknown, uncaring call centre personnel.

Access to decision makers

Our senior management team is hands-on, with the power and the skills to make informed decisions. They are available when you need them.

Proven track record

Safire was established in 1987 and has grown from strength to strength over the years. Satisfied clients have translated into sustainable expansion. Enough said.

Expert advice

Our personnel are here because they are knowledgeable and insightful.