Report Fraud

It is everyone’s responsibility to help prevent or disclose dishonest activities. Fraud is not a “victimless crime” – when fraudulent claims are made by clients who are insured, it reduces the amount of resources available and inevitably this will result in the necessity of increased premiums for everyone. Fraud, corruption and theft by anyone, whether clients or company employees, is a betrayal of a legal relationship that impacts on us all.
Report anonymously – information is sent directly to the most senior levels of Safire Insurance Company Limited.
Our fraud hotline discreetly handles all allegations of fraud, corruption, theft, and unethical behaviour committed against Safire, by anyone.
To report anything suspicious, please complete the following form, providing as much information as possible.

Date of incident

Suspected perpetrator:

Relationship to Safire (client, employee, service provider etc):

Reference details, if possible (claim number/policy number etc):

Allegation details:

Any other information:

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At Safire we take all criminal and unethical behaviour seriously. Thank you for taking the time to report this incident.