At Safire, we pride ourselves on upholding our co-operative philosophies by treating our clients as valued members of a self-insurance scheme. We take a selective approach to our client base, opting for those who place a high value on responsible risk management and who are risk averse. This allows us to maintain a substantial pool of resources, thanks to our careful underwriting policies and low claim levels. As a result, our premiums remain highly competitive in the industry. We have also formed strong partnerships with international reinsurers, cementing our commitment to providing our clients with quality, reliable insurance solutions.

Board of Directors

Paul Hay


Dave Dobson

Lead Independent

Pierre Bekker

Executive Director

Sean Stanton

Executive Director

Michelle du Plessis (nee Opperman)

Michelle Du Plessis

Company Secretary

Ben Martins

Non-Executive Director

Harald Niebuhr

Non-Executive Director

Leo Quayle

Non-Executive Director