Protecting against the Growing Trend of Keyless Carjacking


As technology evolves, so do the methods employed by criminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in our daily lives. According to vehicle tracking group, Tracker, keyless access theft is emerging as one of the most common forms of vehicle theft in South Africa. In this article, we shed light on keyless carjacking and provide consumers with essential insights and practical steps to protect themselves against this growing threat. By staying informed and implementing security measures, individuals can safeguard their vehicles and mitigate the potential impact of keyless carjacking.

1. Understanding Keyless Carjacking

Keyless carjacking involves criminals using sophisticated methods to gain unauthorised access to vehicles equipped with keyless entry systems. By intercepting and amplifying signals from key fobs, criminals can fool the vehicle in to thinking the genuine key fob is present, allowing them to unlock and start the vehicle without any forced entry.

2. Heightening Awareness

One of the first steps in protecting oneself against keyless carjacking is to increase awareness of the potential risk. By understanding how these attacks occur and addressing the vulnerabilities of keyless entry systems, vehicle owners can become more vigilant and take proactive measures to reduce their vulnerability.

3. Implementing Practical Security Measures

Consumers can adopt several practical security measures to fortify their vehicles against keyless carjacking attempts. These include keeping key fobs in signal-blocking pouches or metal containers to prevent remote signal amplification, using steering wheel locks or other physical deterrents, and parking vehicles in well-lit, secure areas. Additionally, individuals should consider installing GPS tracking devices or aftermarket security systems, which can aid in recovery and act as a deterrent.


Keyless carjacking presents a growing threat to vehicle owners, requiring proactive measures to counteract its stealthy tactics. By understanding risk, staying informed, and implementing practical security measures, consumers can reduce their vulnerability to keyless carjacking incidents. By working together, we can strengthen our defences and mitigate our risk against keyless carjacking, ensuring the safety and security of vehicle owners.


Gregory Botha | Claims Manager

Greg Botha has been a Claims Manager at Safire Insurance for 5 years. He has over 8 years of litigation and commercial law experience, making him well-equipped to handle the processing of insurance claims. Greg is passionate about ensuring that the procedure is handled efficiently, accurately, and in a manner that protects the interests of the insured parties while also providing satisfactory customer service.