Safire – Delivering Complaints Handling with Utmost Care and Attention


At Safire, we prioritise our policyholders’ satisfaction above everything else. We take every complaint seriously, ensuring we give it the attention it deserves. However, despite our best efforts, there may be instances when a policyholder remains dissatisfied with our response. In such cases, we encourage policyholders to provide us with additional evidence or information which we will consider as part of our due diligence. We believe that providing our clients with the best possible service includes being receptive to their complaints and taking them seriously.

1. Safire Complaints Committee

Our complaints committee is comprised of senior members from various departments, each bringing their own specialised input and perspective to evaluate every complaint we receive. We ensure that we handle every complaint fairly, impartially, and with the utmost care. We believe in transparency and maintaining open communication with our clients throughout the complaints handling process. Our complaints committee evaluates each complaint based on its merits, and we always explain our decisions to the complainant. We take every complaint seriously and evaluate it constructively to identify areas where we can improve our services.

2. Short-Term Insurance Act

As an insurer we are governed by the Policyholder Protection Rules under the Short-term Insurance Act, which entitles policyholders, premium payers, or anyone acting on their behalf to lodge a complaint with us. Once a complaint is received, our complaints department acknowledges its receipt within 24 hours. If the complaint can be resolved immediately, we take the necessary action and do our best to resolve the complaint within 5 working days. For more complex complaints, we undertake to provide regular feedback and aim to resolve the matter within 30 working days.

3. Safire’s Complaints Resolution Process

At Safire, we have a well-defined complaint resolution process. On receipt of a complaint, we acknowledge it within 24 hours and provide a reference number. We then investigate the complaint and provide our response within 12 calendar days, on average. We aim to resolve every complaint with the utmost care and consideration. However, there may be instances where a policyholder remains dissatisfied with our response. In such cases, we welcome additional evidence or information which we will consider as part of our due diligence. Our ultimate objective is to make the correct decision considering all relevant information. Should you remain unsatisfied with our response, it is your right to escalate the complaint to the relevant Ombud. In South Africa, we have a separate Ombud for short-term insurance, which will likely be the appropriate forum for Safire policyholders. We are proud to say that over the last seven years, we have had no decision made against Safire by the Ombud, which highlights the accuracy and fairness of our decision-making processes.

4. The Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance (OSTI)

The Ombud system in South Africa is currently undergoing a restructuring process. Soon, the separate Ombud offices will merge into a single body, making it easier for policyholders, brokers, and insurers to navigate the complaint resolution process. Safire is keeping a close eye on the proposed changes and is preparing to implement any required changes as soon as they come into effect.


In conclusion, at Safire, we believe in resolving every complaint fairly and transparently. Our well-defined complaint resolution process sets a benchmark for efficiency and effectiveness in the insurance industry. While we strive to resolve every complaint at our level, we understand that you may remain dissatisfied with our response. Should that be the case, we welcome additional evidence or information, which we will consider as part of our due diligence. We are also committed to supporting you in making an escalated complaint to the relevant Ombud, where appropriate. Ultimately, we are confident in the integrity and accuracy of our decision-making processes, and we look forward to continuing to build and maintain strong relationships with our brokers and policyholders.

Should you have any complaints, please send them through to and our Complaints Department will be more than happy to get in touch with you.