Tackling those pesky shoe laces

Singakwenza’s Toys from Waste programme has been one of our favourite ‘making a difference’ projects for a while now, and we have a permanent collection point at our offices in Pietermaritzburg to collect items that would usually end up in the bin but now can be used to make bright and vibrant toys for the programme’s children. Safire staff members also helped collect materials to create pretty ‘shoes’ with multi-coloured laces to teach little ones the tricky task of tying their shoe laces. The shoes were made from cereal boxes and the laces were woven from bread bags. According to Singakwenza, “the skills involved in this activity include eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination (using both sides of your brain and both sides of your body at the same time), motor planning (telling the right muscles what to do at the right time) and perseverance”.