Last year, Safire was proud to assist with the refurbishing of a cottage on the Kenosis property to create a library, homework room and an indoor play area for the children. Kenosis assists youngsters in need, providing a safe haven for children in its foster cluster village and ensuring they receive quality pre-school education. Phase two of this support entailed a recent donation towards the Kenosis computer centre.

Gill Dobson of Kenosis says, “You cannot imagine what a timely and useful donation this is for us, on top of the donation you previously gave towards our Resource Centre. Although not entirely finished, the Resource Centre has already been of great help as the children have been making good use of it during this extended period of no schooling, and have been taking books out of the library regularly to read. This new donation will help us to establish a computer learning centre so that the children can make use of various online learning resources. What a blessing that will be.”