Supporting education through sport

Safire is sponsoring the water tables at this year’s Fuel & Gas Kamberg Classic MTB & Trail Run on 14-15 March, taking place at Glengarry Holiday Farm in the Kamberg. This event is far more than a fun outdoor event, described by pro MTB rider Andrew Hill as a “superb trail rivalling the best races in the country”. It contributes towards several educational projects in local schools as co-ordinated by the Kamberg Valley Association (KVA), which is the area’s farmers’ association, through the Kamberg Valley Rural Upliftment (KAMVARU) programme. There are various initiatives being championed in the Hlatikhulu and Tendela areas, including:

  • The Early Learning Centre, which is a dedicated classroom at Mkhize School in Hlatikhulu where three volunteers teach extra English and Maths Lliteracy to over 200 learners from Grade R to Grade 3.
  • The Computer Centre at Mkhize School, where lessons are provided by two volunteers to Grade 9 pupils (on average 70 learners) in basic computer, internet, Word and Excel skills.
  • Sponsorship of a library assistant at Mkhize School.
  • Extra reading classes at Thibani School for Grade 4 and 5 learners.
  • Sponsorship of internet at Tendela School and the Tendela Community Centre.
  • Ad-hoc projects such as establishing or renovating libraries at three different schools, sponsorship towards school trips, assistance with kitchen equipment, repairs at schools and assistance with uniforms.

#TeamSafire is passionate about education and how it can change people, their communities and our country and it makes us really happy to be part of an amazing initiative such as this one!

If you would like to support the event by entering one of the mountain biking or trail running challenges, you can enter on