26 March 2020

If there is anything related to Underwriting or Claims that you need assistance with, or if you would like to discuss any matter with a manager or team leader, please take note of the contact details below: 


Underwriting Manager Ivan O’Gorman 082 565 0934
Key Accounts Manager Danie Coetzee 072 147 9504


Claims Manager Jay Pillay 082 440 2769
Assistant Claims Manager Greg Botha 083 789 8502

In addition, your broker consultant is available to assist with any queries you may have. 

Claims processes

The lockdown period will inevitably affect the processing and finalisation of claims. We have been in contact with our service providers and we have been informed of the following changes in insofar as their operations are concerned:

  1. Assessors: Both motor and non-motor assessors will be unable to conduct any physical assessments, and will only be able to assist with desk-type remote assessments and virtual assessments. This may result in delays in finalising claims.
  2. Car hire: All car rental companies will be closed, and we will unfortunately not be able to provide any car hire benefit during the lockdown period.
  3. Geyser replacements: In the event of a burst geyser, our service provider will assist with the replacement. We do, however, anticipate potential delays in this regard. Please report these claims in the usual manner.  Please contact the Safire Assist line: 0861 723 473 (0861-SAFIRE).
  4. Home assistance: Only emergencies that affect safety and security such as electrical faults posing a danger or no power supply, geyser repairs, water supply faults and replacement of flat glass, will be attended to. This also includes assistance for visible burst water connections and pipes. Please contact the Safire Assist line: 0861 723 473 (0861-SAFIRE). Please remember that the benefit includes call out and first hour of labour only.
  5. Roadside assistance:  All emergency services, including accident towing, road patrols and breakdown assistance will continue to be operational. Please use our official emergency number to ensure that the full costs are covered: 0861 723 473 (0861-SAFIRE).
  6. Windscreen replacements: We have been informed by both PG Glass and Glasfit that all their outlets will be closed during the lockdown period. Unfortunately, this means that no windscreens can be replaced during this time.
  7. Repairs (vehicles, cellphones etc): Repairers will be closed during this time, and repairs can unfortunately only commence after the lockdown has ended. We will attempt to complete as much of the claims administration process as possible when claims arise (including remote assessments), and will finalise repairs as soon as repairers are able to assist. Current repairs that have not yet been completed will come to a halt, but we would like to assure you that vehicles stored at our approved autobody repairers will be safe and that repairs will resume as soon as this becomes possible.

It is evident that successfully navigating these challenging times will take considerable effort, patience and commitment from not only us as a business, but all of us as a nation. At Safire we are up to the challenge and we will ensure that we do whatever it takes to continue supporting you as usual.