Investing in our people

Safire is proud of standing by its promise to be “Short-term insurers, long term partners” – both for our clients and our staff. We actively encourage staff members to further their studies and we have enabled a number of permanent employees to complete their tertiary qualifications. We have our own Safire training centre where regular courses are offered to staff by both internal and external instructors.

“We currently have 77% of our staff complement of 172 people enrolled in Inseta-funded programmes,” says Megan Stella, Safire’s COO. “There are 110 staff members studying through the skills programme and 22 staff members have received bursaries from Inseta. We are extremely proud of our staff members who received a bursary in 2022 and passed their examinations.”

While the supplier cost of this training may be covered by the R2-million that Safire has received from SETA (Skills Education Training Authority), there are costs for the company, such as time lost while the individual staff member is studying, but we believe that investing in our people for the long term is worth it.

Safire also supports the Safire Learnership and Safire Internship programmes, focusing on advancing the youth of the country and creating opportunities for them in a very challenging economic climate.