Hijacking hints

Carjacking is the fastest growing and potentially the most dangerous of street crimes in the world today. According to USA police reports, 54% of car-jackings are by two or more attackers, 77% of the time a weapon is used, and in most instances, the weapon used is a gun. Hijackings are planned, so that ambushers are one step ahead of the startled driver. Being prepared might give drivers an advantage. Some of the most obvious things you can do are to always keep your doors locked and your windows rolled up when in “high threat” areas. Some little known tactics include:

  • Positioning side mirrors about 10 degrees further out than normal. Carjackers know the vehicle’s blind spots and how to attack from the rear without being seen. Use the rearview mirror for seeing directly behind, and side mirrors for seeing further away from the vehicle.
  • Giving yourself space to move: when at a red light, ensure you can see the complete tyres of the car in front of you. That way, if someone tries breaking through your window, you’ll have room to go left or right to escape, as long as you aren’t boxed in.
  • Inflating tyres with 10% less air than recommended. This will give more traction on the road for evasive driving should your carjackers pursue you.