Holiday Security

Whether you’ll be heading off somewhere on holiday or spending time at home this December-January break, be careful and vigilant. While this is the season of goodwill it’s also the season for increased criminal activity, and blackouts from power outages give crooks the cover of total darkness. Install motion detector lights around the house and solar lights in the garden and next to the front gate, garage and access points. If you are away, ask your neighbours to turn lights on and off or install a timer – leaving lights on 24/7 is a dead giveaway that no one is at home. Better still, arrange for a house-sitter, especially if you have pets and plants to be cared for. Never leave packaging for luxury items such as TVs outside to be collected – it shows off what’s inside. Don’t throw out letters or other documents that contain personal details, such as bank statements and accounts. Finally, ensure that your household and home-owners insurance is up to date!