Insurance funnies

Gavin Myburgh, Safire-Multiline Claims Manager, has seen many quirky incidents in his forty years in the insurance industry. He recalls, “While I was working at another insurer, we paid out a large claim for a stolen motor boat. Almost a year had elapsed when we received an anonymous phone call from a lady informing us that if we went to a certain farm in Bloemfontein and looked under a certain haystack, we would find something of interest to us. We duly obliged by consigning an insurance investigator to lift the lid off the haystack so to speak, and what did he find? You guessed it – the stolen motor boat! It turned out that the anonymous informer was none other than the former lover of the insured, who contacted us after the relationship turned sour. Needless to say we allowed the law to take its course and a full recovery was effected in terms of the policy conditions.”