Moving your bike

With mountain-biking the country’s fast-growing sport and leisure activity, there are lots of people on the road carrying (very expensive) bikes on their vehicles. It’s vital to ensure that bikes are safely and securely attached to the vehicle before starting a trip. The rules of the road must also be obeyed: vehicle lights and number plate have to be clearly visible, and the driver’s vision cannot be obscured in any way, for both front and rear views. In addition, the bike may not stick out from the edge of the vehicle, as this might naturally pose a threat to property, pedestrians and other drivers. The maximum weight-bearing load of the vehicle and bike-carrying equipment such as tow-bar mountings, top and rear racks and roof bars must be adhered to at all times. Bike carriers should be appropriate to the vehicle, quick and easy to access and set up, and obviously must not damage the paintwork!